IDEA is a not-for-profit professional association for organizations in the Game and Event Presentation industry that is governed by an elected Executive Board with day-to-day operations conducted by office staff. The Standing Committees direct and make recommendations to the Board about the various segments of IDEA which they oversee. Members are encouraged to be active in the direction of IDEA by participating on one of the various committees or running for elected office.


Memberships are valid for the calendar year and are activated upon receipt of payment.  New memberships which are activated in the last quarter of the calendar year will not be charged for the following year.

No refunds or cancellations are available upon activation of membership.  A membership will be considered activated once full access to the IDEA website has been approved.

Conference Fees:

If a person cannot attend at the last minute, the registration may be transferred to another person from the same organization without penalty.  New credentials will be issued at the check-in desk. Should the event not be held due to circumstances beyond our control, 100% of conference fees will be refunded.

IDEA Partners (Suppliers of Goods and Services)

Corporate Partners and additional Partner Attendees are considered registered and liable for conference fees upon completion of online registration. Failure to submit attendee names or failure to attend the conference does not relieve one of this obligation.

Active Registrants (Representatives of teams and/or facilities)

Active Attendees are considered registered for the conference, and liable for conference fees upon submission of online registration. Requests for refunds must be made IN WRITING before the stated deadlines and include your name, organization and email address.

Refund eligibility is determined by the time-stamp on such requests.

Request Received (In Person events only, no refunds for online events)

Prior to and including April 1595% of conference fees
April 16 – May 1575% of conference fees
May 16 – May 31    50% of conference fees
June 1 – June 1025% of conference fees
Effective June 11  no refunds given