IDEA is a not-for-profit professional association for organizations in the Game and Event Presentation industry that is governed by an elected Executive Board with day-to-day operations conducted by office staff. The Standing Committees direct and make recommendations to the Board about the various segments of IDEA which they oversee. Members are encouraged to be active in the direction of IDEA by participating on one of the various committees or running for elected office.

Hall Of Fame


Congratulations to Class of 2023 inductee Chris DeRuyscher

Susan Brooks, United Center 

Due to the COVID pandemic there was no induction held in 2021

Due to the COVID pandemic there was no induction held in 2020

Dr. Aelred Kurtenbach, Daktronics
Diane Gonzalez-Ferranti, Palace Sports & Entertainment

Tim Beach, Arizona Cardinals
Ed Filomia, Miami Heat
Sergio Lozano, United Center

Chuck Morgan, Texas Rangers

Bob Becker, VWSE
Tim Gunkel, New York Mets

David Schindler, Atlanta Hawks
Jeff Schmahl, University of Nebraska

Dr. Charles Steinberg, Boston Red Sox

Anthony Fanticola, Philadelphia Phillies
Fran Kowalski, ClickEffects
Cliff Wight, ClickEffects

Aaron Buckles, Jamination

Rod Murray, Cleveland Cavaliers
Jeff Szynal, Chicago White Sox

John Franzone, New York Yankees
Denise Roberts McKee, KJP

Mark DiNardo, Philadelphia Phillies

The inaugural Class of 2008 honored the group of ten individuals who were instrumental in the creation of IDEA,“The Pioneers”

  • David Belding, Mitsubishi Electric
  • Liz Burke Brown, Chicago White Sox
  • Jack Croghan, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Paul Darst, Houston Astros
  • Dick Davis, HHH Metrodome
  • Karen Johnson, Karen Johnson Productions
  • Betsy Leesman, New York Yankees
  • Gabe Paul Jr., Milwaukee Brewers
  • Howard Pizer, Chicago White Sox
  • Paul Shubin, Montreal Expos & Canadiens


  • March 1 – March 31: Nominations Accepted
  • April 1 – April 10: Voting on Nominees
  • April 15: Class of 2024 Announced